Faith. Values. Help.


Help - those who need help. In the dynamics of a time that brings or forces self-confident, determined and well-educated people forward and upward, others are left behind. Can't or don't want to keep up (anymore). Are faced with broken relationships. Suffer lack of opportunities. They deserve the attention and closeness of the Brothers. We want to focus on the whole person. Body, soul and spirit. His origin and development. His possibilities and limitations. We want to reach out to those who are poor. A not always easy attitude, which requires self-care and taps our resources always anew. St. Francis of Assisi also rolled up his sleeves. In the hospice for lepers, he tackled.

Help happens as we share life with one another. Help happens in the integration of those in need. Help happens in social work in a professional way. It also has a spiritual dimension in prayer.

We invite others to join our help. As a religious Brother or as it happens in the USA that associated men and women make our faith and values concrete through their help.

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