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Five retired Brothers currently live in Germany. They live and pray together in the spirit of their founder and are involved in the church and the world according to their possibilities. The professional competence for the elderly and homeless - an area in which the Brothers have much experience - continues to be a place of pride for us Brothers. The franzfreunde in Düsseldorf continue the legacy and work of the Brothers in our spirit. For this reason, a Brother is involved in the management.

The Brothers in Aachen also take up the impulse of prayer. In the simple life they try to master their everyday life. Brother Lukas Jünemann conveys something of Franciscan spirituality today in retreats and talks. One target group are the women and men who give their best daily "on the spot" in elderly or social work. Discovering and interpreting the spiritual dimension with them should strengthen them. The inspiration of the saint from Assisi helps to live openly, faithfully, close to nature and joyfully.


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