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Monsenhor Filippo Daycare Center

Monsenhor Filippo Daycare Center

The daycare center Monsenhor Filippo takes its name from the Catholic priest who brought our Brothers to the town of Potim (State of Sâo Paulo) at the beginning of the 1940s to establish a children's home. The Brothers Vitor, Milton, and Cássio live here today. Together with the staff, they promote the development of the children and their skills. In addition to homework supervision for the children, there are activities for the parents in order to strengthen them in their task of educating the children to act responsibly and promoting their personality.

Eating a warm meal together not only brings structure to the day, but also fills the often too empty stomachs of the children.

Brother Milton is very athletic, he even studies at a sports faculty. He enjoys many leisure activities with the children such as swimming or jogging. Brother Milton is also involved in the local prison pastoral, visiting and looking after the prisoners there. This service was already suggested and requested 170 years ago by our founder, Brother John Hoever.

Our Brothers Vitor and Cássio visit the poor neighborhoods in Potim. In the small huts of the favelas, three or four generations often live together in a narrow space. Already in childhood there is often prostitution, abuse and drug dealing – everything for the family to survive. The Brothers try to support the families and show them an alternative way without crime. The school education of the children is an important element in order to escape the negative spiral.

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